Student: Ma’am, did you call me? Actually, the CR said that you have called me.

Teacher: Yes, please do come in, I wanted to talk about something with you.

Student: Is everything alright, ma’am?

Teacher: Oh yes, don’t worry. Actually, I have seen your records and grades and From what I can think, you are a brilliant student.

Student: Thank you so much, ma’am, that’s good to hear.

Teacher: So, I want you to think seriously about your future because you have the scope to do something big. Is there something that you have planned after your graduation?

Student: Nothing much but now that I am graduating in the stream of Mass Media, I want to pursue more about this stream for which I am planning to do my master program in some good university.

Teacher: That is good that you have planned to study more and become more knowledgeable.

Student: Yes, and apart from my studies I am also doing a part-time internship in a news agency and it is going pretty well.

Teacher: That is amazing. So, have you searched for universities to which you will be applying, have you searched for any details yet?

Student: Yes, ma’am I am going through websites every day and have been checking for updates every now and then, so all of that is covered.

Teacher: Good, keep it up. You may go to your class now!

Student: Alright ma’am, it was good speaking to you.

Teacher: Very well, all the best!

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