The concept of Prepositions is very short and easy to understand, and the types of prepositions are much easier. Prepositions are one small part of English Grammar but it has vast effects on your English language skills and practices. Daily practice of Grammar and English language skills helps you to achieve fluency and make every sentence meaningful and sensible. As we know that Engish is one of the most important languages used today. It is by far the most common language to be used by people. Millions of people around the world use English as a common language to converse and talk. 

English has been a boom for the trades, industries, businesses, education, work front, and anything that we can think of. It has helped to boost Globalisation. In today’s time, if a person wants to achieve fluency, they need to know all the tits and bits of the language.

To continue with, let us understand the two types of prepositions, place and time.


The position or place of a person/thing, that relates to another person/thing is described by the Preposition of place. ‘On, above, over, in front of, beside, below, under, behind’ are some prepositions of place that we use every day.

Let us look at some examples,

  • There is a book on the desk.
  • There were crows above the house.
  • The doctor placed a sheet over the dead body.
  • She stood in front of him and tried to hypnotize him.
  • They put the key under the flower pot.
  • The thieves were made to put their hands behind their back.
  • There is a big cave below the hospital.
  • We sat beside each other.

Preposition of time speaks about time in the terms of months, years, centuries, long periods, current time, days, and dates. 

The preposition ‘at’ is used for a precise time.

The preposition ‘in’ is used for time periods like months, years, centuries, and even long periods.

The preposition ‘on’ is used for days and dates.

Let us take a look at some examples,

  • I will have my dinner at 9 pm.
  • The restaurant opens in the afternoon.
  • Nick went home at the time of his class.
  • In India, there is a severe cold in January.
  • Do you work on Sundays too?
  • Her death anniversary is on 3 March.
  • Will you be here on my birthday?
  • The sun rises in the morning.
  • I stay with my friends at any party.

So in this concept, we understood the two types of prepositions and how to enter the correct preposition in the right place. 

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