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How can I find a right partner according to my interest?

In the Talk Now App, Before starting practice you can choose the preferences of your choice which helps you to get connected with the person of your interest.

There are four preferences available you can choose any one or more than one preferences shown in the image below.

“General Talk” has nothing specific and it is not limited to certain topics. You are free to talk anything and everything that is appropriate. The preference of ‘General talk’ allows you to search a partner who has an interest in general topics; it is not limited to anything specific. Ensure that your talk appropriately and respectfully. Avoid using slang or abusive words that might be offensive to your partner.

As the name says “Book lovers”, this preference will let you talk anything and everything related to books. All the book lovers will never feel short of any conversation here. ‘Book lover’ preference will get you those users who are interested in books and books!

Same goes for “Travel” preference. You can have a tour of your travel memories by talking to a user by clicking on the travel preference. Travel preference will fetch you the users who are interested in having conversations about travel.

Last but not the least, all the movie junkies get to talk about movies by clicking on the “Movies” preference.

Note: If there is no one available online according your chosen preference(s) then the App will get you connected to user from the general category.

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