10 English slang words you must know!

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slang words

10 English slang words you must know!

You must have heard what slang words are. They are nothing but words and phrases that are used in informal situations and are avoided in formal situations. Slang words are very common in the spoken English language and you must be very well aware of slang words if you have been in an English-speaking country. You can even learn about slang words through TV shows and series and movies too.

Below listed at 10 English slang words that you must know,

  1. Cool: This English slang word, ‘cool’ does not literally mean something which is at low temperature or something cold. ‘Cool’ refers to something that is awesomely unique and that you think is great. Apart from this it also means that you are feeling good and calm.
  1. Bae: In English slang words, ‘bae’ is a word that is used to call out to your boyfriend or girlfriend or someone whom you are in love with. This is a word that is used to express love and affection to your partner and it is also used to replace the terms like honey, baby, sweetie, etc.
  1. On fleek:  This is a word that is 100% English slang and it is also a brand new slang phrase.  the meaning of this slang word is to be on point or perfect or amazing too.  this slang has started to be in trend these days and it wasn’t so trendy before.
  1.  YOLO: We all know what is the meaning of this English slang word.  the full form of this slang word is you only live once and it is very often used when someone wants to do something dangerous as well as exciting and ridiculously adventurous.
  1.  Slay: This slang word is an emerging Trend and it has a different meaning altogether in the slang world and it does not have to do anything with killing anyone or killing anything.  Slay means that you are doing something fantastic and great.
  1. Killed it:  this slang word does not literally mean to kill someone or kill something. This phrase is avoided in formal situations and as it is slang,  it is used in an informal situation. The meaning of this phrase is that you have done a very great job beyond expectations. 
  1.  Turn up:  the meaning of this phrase in English slang is used to make an appearance and the literal meaning of this phrase is to turn up something like the volume, make It louder or higher.
  1. Ship: We know that the original meaning of this word is a vehicle that floats on water or travels on water but the slang meaning of this word is when people use it when there supporting a romantic relationship between two lovers and is often seen on TV shows and series.
  1.  I can’t even: The unique thing about this slang phrase is that people don’t say it as a complete sentence and it is just left incomplete.
  2. Low key: In the slang language Low key means to keep something Private and quiet or even secret.  this phrase does not have to do anything with a key.