3 English podcasts every English learner must listen to!

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3 English podcasts every English learner must listen to!

English language learning is a very sensitive experience. Not only do you learn by looking at the language but you also learn it by hearing, speaking, and writing. There is a way through which you can learn English and its skills by listening to English podcasts. English podcasts are a spectacular way to learn the English language.

Podcasts and English podcasts can be heard anytime and anywhere, at your desk or even when you are somewhere. You can improve your English language skills and level by dedication and commitment.

One advantage for you is that by listening to English podcasts, you often have transcripts. Transcripts are nothing but a written version of the podcast. 

Now that we know that listening to podcasts is a great way of improving your English language skills, do you know how to get the best results from it?

Listen to the podcast twice and pay more attention the second time. Pay attention to all the words and expressions you recognize or you are familiar with. Try to read the transcript, if it is available. Reading the transcript and hearing the podcast at the same time proves to be beneficial because you get the same details in two different channels. Whenever you feel like you haven’t understood a certain part of the podcast, rewind and listen to it again. Go back to the words and expressions which seem difficult to understand or are new to you. Repeat them over and over again until you understand them.

We have jotted down some amazing podcasts to improve your English language skills:

English Podcast 1- THE ENGLISH WE SPEAK:

Everyday phrases and slangs are the most focused terms of this podcast. You will also hear the English spoken done by the native speakers. Each weekly publication of this podcast plays for 3-4 minutes.

In these podcasts, English is used at tad a bit slower speed so that it is easier for the listeners to understand as to what is being said. Every word uttered by the person is said in a clear and crisp way.

English Podcast 2 – PODCASTS IN ENGLISH:

Yes, ‘Podcasts in English’ is a podcast. It is the variety that makes a podcast interesting and that is exactly what these podcasts give you. Podcasts in English is a very efficient and effective English language learning podcast and it consists of a series that has programs made best for beginners in English, intermediates in English, and upper intermediates that are learning English. These podcasts are also available to the ones who want to learn Business English.

With the added advantage of feature conversations taking place between two English language speakers, there are short lessons that are conducted completely in English. A broad range of topics is covered here. Winter Olympics, horseback riding experiences and Facebook, and much more are some of the types of projects discussed. There are a few podcasts that are small, they challenge you, and they have the support of the written versions, and worksheets.

English Podcast 3 – ELEMENTARY PODCASTS:

Every podcast is about 25 minutes long. You can definitely listen to the podcast just at once. The benefit of hearing a podcast is that you can pause and continue with the same whenever you want.

Some of the topics in the podcasts have a broader discussion. In the podcast, the English dialogues are spoken at a normal speed and the presentation is lively and engaging. The podcast contains a lot of good relative material and content.