3 powerful writing techniques for rich stories

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powerful writing techniques

3 powerful writing techniques for rich stories

Powerful writing techniques are used to shape a story and make it worthy for a reader to read it. Do you recall reading a book or a story that you found engaging and interesting?

3 most powerful writing techniques:

  • Creating strong and complex characters

The characters from the very famous web series “The Vampire Diaries” is a good example to understand the point of creating strong and complex characters. Why? Because the characters of the story keep their audience engaged and they are made in a way that the story revolves around them. This is nothing but a technique used by the writer to keep the audience on their edge.

  • The Emotions

Yes, this is another technique that the authors use to keep their readers emotionally engaged. Have you come across a story that has made you cry or jump on your couch? Well then, that was the power of the writer to bring out strong emotions in the writing. It makes you go with the flow!

  • Using strong dialogues/voice

Strong dialogues is the hear of many stories and many a times, the characters personality is also determined by the vice of the character and its performance. With this, the readers get an idea about that particular character.

These were the 3 powerful writing techniques that a writer used to engage the audience.