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It is always a good thought to use alternative words for various common words. Using alternative words makes you feel different than before. Yes, it does not make you popular but it makes you smarter and it also improves your ability to talk and communicate which takes you one step ahead towards achieving fluency in the English language

This article can be useful for anyone, even if you are a beginner or an intermediate, or even an advanced learner. Every English learner can make the most out of this article.

Let us move ahead and see what are the 5 alternative words that you can use instead of ‘Good’,


This is one of the first alternative words of all. We keep hearing this word a lot many times and it makes you feel more outstanding than before. Awesome is a word that refers to something that keeps you in awe or it keeps you wondering. With this word, you can describe experiences, people that you think are impressive. You could say that “Your dress looks awesome.” This word is in trend among today’s youth. You can now leave ‘good’ behind and go with ‘awesome’.


Exceptional refers to something that is more than just average, it is something mindblowing and unique. This word is an adjective and it inclines more towards formal conversations. By using this word, you will sound more sophisticated in your future meetings and greetings. You could say that “Today’s party was exceptional.”


This word does not even need an explanation. It refers to something that is flawless and it beyond good. Suppose you have a party tonight and you plan to put on a tuxedo but you are unsure whether it will fit perfectly or not, but it does. So, in this situation, you would say the tuxedo looks perfect for the party.

  • COOL

This word is used mostly in informal situations and it refers to something that is fashionable and trendy. This word is not merely used for words but for situations too. It is a popular expression that is widely used among younger people. As said before, this word is widely used in informal situations and should be avoided in formal situations. 


This word refers to something great or very good and it can be used in formal as well as informal situations. It can be used for people and for situations too. You could say something like “I met this boy in the evening and he seemed to be quite wonderful”. 

Now you know these 5 alternative words that you can use instead of using ‘good’. Make your conversations interesting and happy!

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