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Just with the help of a few learning apps, you can learn the English language on your own at your own pace and at your own comfort. Being a beginner, you will be a bit confused as to where to start and what kind of apps to download. Not just this, learning a new language by all yourself seems to be a very big task and also the most difficult thing in the world, isn’t it?

Whenever you are learning a new language, keep these short tips in mind. It will help you in a long run. 

Make sure that you always keep a notepad or a short notebook handy when you study so that you can jot down all the new words, phrases, and probably everything that you think is important and needs to be written in your notebook. Apart from this, you can have a particular book just for grammar or vocabulary or even phrases as your go-to buddy.

Do you know that majority of the learning apps come with daily reminders so that you don’t miss out on your learning lessons? It is important to learn consistently, even if you are learning for a short time. Being a beginner, it is important that you take the process in a slow and steady manner.

Do not rush yourself with the learning process as that is not advisable in the beginning when you are supposed to take it slow. Your progress and your understanding of the language matter. Last but not the least, do not download all the apps at once. Try to keep a minimum of three apps downloaded on your device and not more than that. Go for the next one only when you have completed all the learning material from all the apps.

Let us now get on to our main topic and know what are the 5 useful apps for beginners,

Learning App 1 – HELLO ENGLISH

This learning app is available on both IOS as well as Android devices. This app contains English lessons for native speakers in over 22 different languages. The best thing about this app is that it can be used while you are in offline mode too. This app provides you with 475 interactive lessons along with games that are designed to test your skills and progress. You have the liberty to ask questions to teachers, you can talk to chatbots and you also get access to a mini-dictionary on it.


This learning app is available on IOS as well as android devices. As compared to other beginner apps, this is a bit advanced app as it also helps you to learn idioms and phrasal verbs. Idioms and phrasal verbs are very essential in learning the English language. This app is created by Knudge.me and it has 12 fun word games that are already built-in. These word games will help you to learn vocabulary.


This learning app is available on IOS as well as Android devices and it is a simple app that teaches you 8 different words each day and it only takes 5 minutes. For a beginner, learning more than 2,900 words in a year is more than enough, isn’t it? The word sets in this app are thematically arranged and you can listen to it in male as well as female voice too. 


This learning app is available on IOS and android devices and it makes you practice the English language with over 1000 hours of audio files that also consist of audiobooks and podcasts. You can use this app in offline mode too and the app allows you to track your progress and listening time. This app also has a payment method where you can download unlimited content from the internet and you can use it as your learning material, all in one app!


This app is available on IOS and Android devices and this app helps you to practice your pronunciation as well as accent. This app gives you basic English along with basic business English and conversations from which you have to choose. This app is best for you to learn English and interact with native English speakers.

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