Welcome this new year with a bang with these 5 new year vocabulary words

new year

The new year is around the corner which is why it is important and equally fun to learn new vocabulary words related to a very fresh start. It is that time of the month where people gather to welcome the future with joy and excitement. If we see, New Year is a holiday that the whole world celebrates. People drink, dance, talk to strangers and particularly everyone enjoys.

If you are a beginner in the English language, you would want to make this new year a blast with these 5 new year vocabulary words,


The new year is incomplete without saying these words at least once on that day. The word ‘eve’ comes from the word ‘evening’. Apart from new year’s eve, we also say Christmas Eve. The new year is a very special event of the year as we bid goodbye to the current year by welcoming the upcoming year.


Not just at New Year, but you can see fireworks at probably every event or festival in India. Fireworks are nothing but small explosives launched in the air to create a beautiful effect. The majority of the time fireworks are related to an occasion and are usually launched during the nighttime.


Y’all must have heard about people who make resolutions every year and a majority of them cannot fulfill those resolutions. Resolution is a promise that you make to yourself every new year. Resolution can also be a commitment to something, or even leaving a bad habit.


Hangovers are nothing but the result you witness the next morning after heavy drinking on New Year’s eve. Hangovers come with headaches, nausea, and a feeling of sickness. As we know that the New Year’s Eve is an evening to party and drink, and deep down we know we will have to go through a hangover the next morning!


The 1st of January is considered New Year’s Day and is the first day of a fresh year. Many parts of the world have holidays on New Year’s Day. People stay awake full night on 31st December and they can stay home the next day to gear up and celebrate the first day of the New Year.

Now that you know these 5 New Year vocabulary words, don’t forget to use them during the fresh start this 31st of December.

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