We already know how important is the English language, wherever we go, English is the best supportive tool for all of us in terms of communication with people. If you are unable to find any courses or any practice books to study the English language, don’t worry, you can self-study the English language. You won’t need to spend thousands of money on huge textbooks, costly learning courses, mentors, and whatnot. If you can study all by yourself, you go for external support.

Most English learners get nervous to study online, but then they realize that with all the handy online resources, English can be learned with simple tips and tricks. Know that the internet is your best source to study English and the easiest way to study at your home and your comfort zone. One of the most important things is that you don’t have to depend on anyone to learn English. When you are studying alone, you understand every little concept that makes you more motivated to study.

In order to self-study the English language, you need to find a way that makes you more comfortable with learning and something that you enjoy.

Let us now look at the top 5 tips to self-study the English language:

  • Learn all English music lyrics

Many of us like to listen to songs and in order to improve our English language skills, listening to English songs and learning their lyrics helps us to understand the meaning. If you want to learn English, you need to stick to English songs. Listen to the most popular songs or the songs that you like, when you jog or when you are driving, or when you are shopping or whenever you are free. You even have the option of listening to radio stations online. Listen to soft songs and not raps or rock songs as they are difficult to understand. Soft songs are not just soothing but they are also easy to understand.

  • Watch English Youtube videos

Watch English youtube videos helps you in training for communication and comprehension. One best way to listen to the conversation and understand its meaning is by listening to online English interviews. It does not just tell you the conversation but it also tells you how to talk to people. You don’t need to listen only to a formal conversation, but you may also listen to informal and friendly conversations. Watch interviews of your favorite actors or actresses, you could even watch and listen to movie or product reviews. You can listen to old or recent interviews, it does not really matter. What really matters is that you are listening to something that is helping you with the English language.

  • Watch English movies and TV shows

Another way of self-studying the English language is by watching English movies and TV shows. It has a vast path where you can see and listen to people conversing in the English language. It will help you to understand what they are trying to say and you can even learn the common slang terms along with some interesting English idioms and phrases that would help you to increase your English vocabulary horizons. You even have the liberty to switch on the English subtitles that would give a better understanding of the concept. When you are getting more familiar with the words and phrases, you can switch off the subtitles and you may test your comprehension.

  • Online English Quizzes

English Self-study is very courageous but, there are chances that you might miss out on the errors and mistakes that you do. But on the contrary, you get to know where you are going wrong and which is why you get the chance to rectify yourself. Online English Quizzes are one way of testing your Grammar, sentence building, comprehension, and much more. This is one of the easiest ways to rectify your mistakes and practice how much you want. 

  • E-books, Online articles, E-magazines

In order to build your English language, it is important to construct your reading skills too, reading is as important as listening or writing, or even speaking. Reading helps you to sharpen your mind and it also trains you to think in the English language. The more you read, the more you will explore sentence structures, formal and informal speeches, and much more. Find an interesting e-book, online articles, and e-magazines and just begin reading.

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