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We already know that English is an important language and also the best supportive tool when it comes to communication. You can also do self-study to learn English if you are unable to find relevant study materials.

If you want to self-study the English language, you will have to find a way that makes you comfortable to learn and something that you can also enjoy!

Top 5 tips to self-study the English language:

  • Memorizing lyrics of English songs

Learning English through songs is one exciting and interesting ways to move ahead in your l=journey of learning the language. You will have to stick to English songs only! You can listen to your choice of English songs whenever you are free like going for a jog or when you are driving, or when you are shopping. Apart from this, you can also listen to online radio stations.

  • Watch English Youtube videos

Watching and learning from YouTube videos has got to be very helpful and fun these times! You can learn almost everything from watching YouTube right from watching interviews of your favorite actors and them jumping on to watch reviews of your favorite products. Watching old videos on YouTube also does not matter until and unless it is helping you.

  • Watch English movies and TV shows

Watching movies and TV has got to be the best relaxing way with the added benefit of learning something good, and in our case, it is the English language. You can choose any English movie, interview, songs you like and can get a hang of it and then you can memorize a few songs, dialogues from the same. Then you can pen down difficult words and phrases and can keep learning!

  • Online English Quizzes

English Self-study is very courageous but, online English quizzes and exercises make you realize your mistakes and also help you in rectifying them. By going through and solving quizzes, you know that you have improved and then you can go on to the next level of English learning.

  • E-books, Online articles, E-magazines

E-books, online articles, E-magazines and blogs are learning materials that give you a different knowledge and thought apart from what you get in the textbooks and courses. With these, you get a fresh and modern perspective to look at things and to learn from them.