Agreements and disagreements are a part of any relationship. The most important thing when you disagree with someone is how you actually disagree. In the English language, you use many phrases and words while you disagree or agree with someone. You will find yourself agreeing or disagreeing over most of the situations that you are into. 

So, how would you show whether you agree or disagree with a particular opinion or a situation?

Let us understand!

Most importantly, show that you are putting forth your opinion, regardless of you agreeing or disagreeing. 

Agreements and disagreements are all about your thoughts and opinions. It is about your general thoughts, opinions, and feelings. In order to make it sound more friendly, you could use phrases like “in my opinion” or “I think”. This will clarify that you are stating your opinion.

In case you think that your opinion is overpowering what others think, you may ask them too, like “what do you think?” It makes the opposite person think that you are accepting and are open to what others think about the discussion.

If at all you are disagreeing with someone’s opinion, do it decently and politely and not in a harsh way. You can say something like “I might be wrong, but…” or “I am sorry but I don’t agree with what you just said….” These kinds of phrases help you to maintain politeness and make you humble.

Try not to bombard the person with your opinions and thoughts but try to address the thought and discussion rather than the person. It helps to maintain the relation with the person. Always keep in mind that your agreement or your disagreement is with the thought and not with the person. Especially when you are in a formal or in a professional situation, use the phrase “I say this with due respect but…”, if you disagree with the opinion of the opposite individual.

Don’t repeat the same points over and over. You must know when you need to end a conversation. Don’t make the situation worse or uncomfortable. Once you have expressed your thoughts and opinions, your work is done. You have put forth your viewpoints.

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