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basics of english language


Importance and basics of the English language at a glance:

English is the most spoken language in the World. There are 53 countries that have named English as their official language. Globally, about 400 million people use English as their first language. It is also the most common second language in the world.

English is a language of England and since they started building colonies, the language started to spread and began to gain acceptance the whole world. Learning the English language can be difficult for many of us who do not have an English background. But, you need to get through it, and for this, being consistent in learning, dedication to adapting, and having the willingness to learn are the main key aspects you need to focus on.


To begin with, a person can get good at English only when he/she practices it daily including speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Practicing these four key elements will lead you to be the best in the English language. The basics of English include these four aspects which are speaking, listening, writing, and reading which will help you to communicate in English.

You need to consistently practice all four for your overall performance. Being good at one will not fetch you good results. Read English books, listen to podcasts, watch informative Hollywood movies, converse with your friends in English and write in English. Doing all of these, and whatever you can, will definitely help you in getting better at the language and you would still want to learn more!

Technically, speaking grammar, which is a very essential factor in the English language, is very broad and has many aspects but is not difficult to understand. Learning grammar needs practice too, with which you can get the best results. With this comes punctuation which is a big part of the overall English language. All of these combine to have fluent reading, writing, hearing, and speakings skills. If there is no grammar, no punctuations, no sentence forming, then there cannot be good English. Nobody could understand.

In the case of speaking, you must know how to begin a conversation, how to form a sentence that is grammatically correct and has good punctuations so that it becomes easier to understand. Punctuations include every little thing which makes and breaks your sentence. Punctuations are Comma, colon, semi-colon, fullstops, exclamations mark, question mark, a hyphen, inverted commas, double inverted commas, etc.

Punctuations help to define a statement as to what kind of statement it is. Is it a question, or a full sentence, or an exclamatory sentence, a dialogue, etc. It is not just the statement that stays explanatory but punctuations are very important elements.Grammar stays the next important step in making your English the best of it.

Just as we learned in school, we have had an end number of exams for grammar, essays, compositions, paragraphs, etc, all of these were to build up our English language which is why we speak it out without hesitation. A sentence needs to be grammatically excellent without any errors. Only then will the statement make some sense.

Remember that the best use of grammar and punctuation yields to best English. Grammar helps to make out the motive of the sentence. Learning English is all about your statements making sense for which you are required to know which words should come after what. As we learned in our school days, Grammar is all about nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, singular and plural nouns, gerunds, conjugations, prepositions, tenses, speech, articles, etc.

There are ways through which you can learn English at your home. You need to watch English movies, listen to English songs and podcasts, read a book, write a story, talk to your friends in English, and ask a lot of questions which will not only clear your doubts but will also improve your English. Despite the grammar and punctuations, English is the easiest language in the world to learn and unlike any other language, it has no cases, no gender, no word agreement, and has a simple grammar system. Remember, to improve in anything, you make mistakes and it is totally alright. Just don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

As time passes, you improve your English with daily practice and remember that your motive is to deliver a message. Second of all, listen to understand and not to respond. To be better at reading writing skills, speak loudly what you’ve written; with this, you will understand where you have made a mistake and you would want to rectify them. Remember that Rome was not built in a day and just like that your English cannot be the best in a day. You will need to practice it daily to be the best in it by learning from your mistakes and having the will to improve them.