Blogs are always fun to read and it is more fun if it is free! Yes, you can learn the English language through blogs with every little detail that you need to know in order to grasp every concept of the matter. 

Today, the internet has an end number of blogs through which you can learn, and here I have jotted down some of the best blogs you can read to absorb all the learning material. We know that English is a universal language and speaking fluent English is highly essential these days. 

So, in this article, we give you the top 3 detailed blogs for you to learn English easily,


Expresso English makes it easier for you to understand English with all its rich qualities and the lessons of Expresso English are an added advantage to all the learning material you have. This blog covers a variety of topics along with using related graphics. These blogs give you highlighted keywords and clear texts for you to understand the topic clearly and consciously. A brazil-based English teacher named Shayna runs this blog. The best part is that these blogs can be read and can be most useful for beginner as well as intermediate learners.


If you want to polish your English language skills, then you would want to read the blogs fro, ABA English. These blogs give you a combination of videos and texts and they also cover a variety of subjects. The learner will watch the videos and he/she will fill in the missing words of the given transcript.


If you want to have entertaining learning sessions and lessons, you must read the blogs of ‘Rolls of the tongue’ as it presents a series of jokes and it also explains why are those jokes funny. With this, the student also gets to learn more about the English culture and its aspects revolving around it. The main and prominent feature of these blogs is interaction. A learner will also get to play many games, quizzes, and a lot more.

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