5 Different varieties of English language

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5 Different varieties of English language

The English language has a great impact on our lives as there are a variety of English languages too! We get our confidence boosted with the English language as it gives us bigger and greater opportunities for jobs and academics.

5 varieties of English language

BRITISH ENGLISH: British English is one of the varieties of the English language as it is widely used throughout the British region. UK has a bit of regional variations in the formal as well as written English, when it comes in consideration with the British English.

AMERICAN ENGLISH: American English is another variety of the English language; at times it is also referred to as the United States English/U.S English. American English is highly adopted in Canada. An official status has been given to the English language by 32 of the 50 state governments.

AUSTRALIAN ENGLISH: Australian English is a variety of the English language that is used throughout Australia. English, however does not have an official status in the constitution. Australian English is the de facto official language of the country.

CANADIAN ENGLISH: According to the census of 2011, English was the first language of 19 million Canadians, that accounts to be 57% of the population. The remaining population was native speakers of Canadian French (22%) or other languages (allophones, 21%).

UGANDAN ENGLISH: ‘Uglish’ is another name given to Ugandan English and it is pronounced as ‘You-glish’ which is a dialect of the spoken English in Uganda.