Drama and Short Story – What is the difference?

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Drama and Short Story – What is the difference?

What is Drama?

The basic meaning of drama is that it is a story that is written by using dialogues along with a script and it has to be presented/enacted on the stage in front of an audience. A drama is nothing but a literary composition that involves a conflict, action crisis, and also an atmosphere that is designed in such a way that will be enacted by performers on the stage in front t of an audience. A drama is a story that is written to be performed, to be enacted, and is not just for the purpose of reading. The performers of the drama are guided by the stage directors and are told how to convey every dialogue. A drama can be fiction or non-fiction. The major focus while writing a drama is on the dialogues. Usually, the drama tells a real story and is performed on the stage.

What is a short story?

As the name suggests, a short story is a story that consists of only a few characters and it is meant for reading purposes. In very rare cases is a short story enacted when the story is meaningful and is converted into drama. Short stories are not long books or articles, instead, they are covered only in 15 or fewer pages. In a short story, the degree of using dynamic components is comparatively less than that of a drama. Like dramas, short stories also tell stories and both have a conflict and a resolution.