We bring you the top 3 English pronunciation apps that will help you to speak clear and confident English. At times, do you recognize whether you are speaking a word correctly or not? What if you are pronouncing it is wrong? Do you realize how many times you must have pronounced it incorrectly?

Do not worry! It is possible to achieve fluency with some apps, let’s have a look at them! It may take a while, a little help, and some amount of patience in order to learn, but with dedication and interest, you are bound to learn the English language.

The first thing to remember and keep in mind is that you don’t exactly know how you sound until you hear yourself speaking. Try to record yourself when you speak or talk to yourself in front of the mirror. By doing this, you will understand how you sound to the ones with whom you speak. Try speaking more often than you usually do, watch English series or shows, listen to podcasts, watch English interviews on youtube, and pay attention to how people speak.

Let us now head on to our main topic, let us know the top 3 apps with which you can improve your pronunciation.


This app is available to you on all android and IOS devices. This app is more like a private English tutor and it brings out all your pronunciation mistakes and issues. It also helps you to improve your English accent. It also helps you to correctly pronounce very common English words and phrases. The best part about this app is that it comes with speech recognition technology. It is more like you are talking to a real person wherein you even receive feedback on how to move your lips for better pronunciation and getting the sound in the correct way. This app also allows you to track your progress to see how far you have improved.


Pronunroid is an app that is available on android devices only. It gives you a series of fun and exciting guessing games. With the help of this app, you will learn about which spoken sounds and voices are associated with which letters as well as symbols. As time passes by, you will comes across new words and you will understand how they are pronounced. One of the best parts to know about this app is that it comes with a feature that allows you to search up any word along with its pronunciation.

App 3 – SAY IT

This app is available on all android and IOS devices. It has a unique feature and technique that is specifically the best for the ones who like visual learning. It is that if you are not contended by your own voice, you can have a look at its visual representation. The visual representation is nothing but a picture of your sound wave when you are speaking. You just have to compare the visual sound of your voice to the sound wave provided by the native speaker.

This app also gives you the liberty to slow down any recording you want. If you are coming across any word that is long and you find it difficult to pronounce, you can slow it down and you can clearly listen to its pronunciation.

The above given were the 3 apps through which you can listen to yourself as to how you speak and how you pronounce every word. These apps are not just apps but take it as your personal mentor and you can improve your pronunciation about literally every word. 

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