How did English become one of the most powerfully global languages?

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How did English become one of the most powerfully global languages?

We make use of the English language everyday but have we ever thought why is English language so important and why is it spoken globally?

The question is that why is it expected for everyone to know and speak English if you want to move ahead in your life and your career as well? 

Another major question we are facing today is that why the kids are sent to the English medium schools and why do they communicate with them only in the English language?

This is not just happening in India but is happening in almost every place around the world. You are expected and made to speak in English.

What is it that is so special about the English language that it has become one of the most powerful language globally?

Have you ever thought which was the language that we used to speak before English came into place?

Let’s try to find out, in this post the reason behind English becoming the most powerful languages in the world.

Like most languages, English has evolved through generations.

If we go back to our history, we see that the British Empire which was also the largest empire in the world. One of the most powerful nation for 200 years was the British.

A whopping 450 million people were under the British Empire. 

Many countries were colonized by the British Empire. English became an important language if anybody wanted to get a job. English was called as the ‘language of the elite’ for this reason. It was already termed that must be knowing English if you are educated and you have a job.

But what happened when the hold of the British empire started to break down?

The English language was taught in the top business schools which is why is became a language for trade and business. Albums were released by the musical bands in America which became famous worldwide. Films also started seeing the same pattern. With this, it overpowered every language and became the most commonly used language in the world.