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When you are focused to learn something that excites you, automatically you are driven to achieve that. Hence, being consistent in learning and getting better with what you learn, will help you to reach your goal.

We begin to learn the English language from our childhood itself and we continue to learn it throughout our lives. We never stop learning which is why we get able to rectify our mistakes if we make any. Since childhood, we are made to focus on the English language to get to know its importance in our professional lives as well as private lives.

For students, learning English is highly essential as it broadens their minds, helps in developing skills, improves the quality of their lives by building job opportunities.

In India, speaking in English is an add on and hence, you get more comfortable and confident in your skin! In some schools, students are compulsorily made to speak in English so that they learn the best of it. Due to this, you get better and better as and when you talk in English with anyone. You get to know how to begin a conversation, you know when to speak and what to speak and all the other things that revolve around it.

Nowadays, people make memes of the ones who correct grammar, calling them ‘grammar nazis’ but did anyone know that they have an eye to detail and its tone. When you are so drowned in English and correcting it all the way around, you want it to be the best, regardless of it being in writing, speaking, or hearing. These are the reasons why you correct a person if he/she speaks the wrong English.

Speaking in English not just builds a person’s confidence but also builds faith in himself/herself. The fact that they know something more than regional languages helps them to achieve more, not just English but any other language. But in India, English is given more importance than any other language. When you apply for a job or you are at an interview, speaking in English gives you more chances to get selected.

Speaking of jobs, with the advent of technologies and inventions, the world has entered Globalisation and for which, people need to have a common language to speak on. The English language plays an essential role in everyone’s lives as it helps in day-to-day communication and socializing. There is a very rare number of people who do not know how to speak English.

The English language helps in building communication across the globe for many reasons including personal, business, or diplomatic reasons. English is a language that goes beyond national boundaries, it is a universal language for conversation. Most of the knowledge resources are in English and have been translated into English from other languages. That’s the importance of this language.

A person with good communication skills specifically in English gets an added advantage to have a position in a company. A student needs to give certain exams in order to study abroad. They need to give such exams which test their English language and communication; only then can they travel overseas for education. English is the language in which most of the social media platforms are available. The second common language would be regional languages but English stands first.

Businessmen, entrepreneurs, industrialists, etc. need to have a good hold on the English language if they want to enter the world market. Knowing English makes higher chances to enter the global market, it makes things possible. Also, you make a good impression in front of people if you converse in English. These are a few aspects and facts explaining why is the English language so important and necessary to learn these days. Just so you know that it makes your life easier and increases your chances of getting accepted by society and the world.

The modern world is of globalization and technology, hence people need a common language to connect to each other and English takes the top position.