We all look for the best websites and we know that, don’t we? In terms of learning the English language, we need the best of the best, right?

With the below-mentioned websites, you can also practice English as well as you can also practice all the 4 core skills related to the same i.e reading, writing, speaking, and listening. If you want to get your hands on the best website, you need to figure out what level do you understand English and what topics interest you.

You will have to choose a beginner-level website if you are new to learning this language, you need to choose the websites that are of the intermediate level if you are on your journey of learning the language, and so on. Hence, you’ve got to choose the website according to your learning level. You also will have to schedule your time to learn the language, try to choose the time when you are free, comfortable and you can focus on your learning. 

Let us now head on to our main topic and know what are the 4 top-quality websites that you can opt for, for your learning,


Babbel is a website that you can find on all the IOS as well as android devices. On this website, you get to practice all new vocabulary as well as grammar through fun-quizzes and games too. You won’t get bored for sure! Majorly, this website focuses on repetition, apart from this it also helps you to remember various words along with its concepts wherein you get reminded of the same through audio, videos, images/pictures, and exercises too. The limit to learn is not just this, but, you can also improve your speaking skills with the speech recognition tool.

You will have to complete the given lessons in order to unlock more and challenging opportunities. Just as you play any other game, this website is almost the same wherein learning English is just like playing a game. You get to earn rewards and achievements, you get to compete with your friends.


You can download several different mobile apps in order to learn different learning topics. On this website, you can get a lot of interactive lessons, games and videos, podcasts to learn any skill. British Council is such a type of website wherein you can find topics and lessons regardless of what English level you are at! The best part is that majority of the resources on this website are absolutely free.


You can find this on any IOS as well as android device. The unique part about this website is that it stresses learning through videos. You will find a variety of videos through which you can practice speaking. You will get simple as well as advanced options on this website.


This website offers you a lot of exciting and fun activities in the English language as well as other languages. You can find various activities related to reading, dictation as well as writing. You can read and listen to a small text before responding to the quiz or before completing an exercise. If you are looking to practice reading and listening skills, you need to check out this website!

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