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This article will tell you 4 more ways through which you can express happiness in the English language other than just saying that you are happy! The majority of times we express happiness by saying that we are happy and the majority of times it gets boring to just stick to the word ‘happy’. Did you know that there are kinds of happiness? At the end of this post, you will understand what is it that you should know about the kinds of ways through which you can express happiness! Yes, a major factor is that happiness also depends on the situation that you are in.

Happiness is not just smiling and laughing, but it could also be satisfied with something, winning in something, a pleasant breeze on a sunny day, and whatnot! 

Happiness is the most common and positive emotion and it spreads too.

Let us now look at 4 more ways through which you can express happiness,


This idiom of a person to express happiness literally does not mean to be on cloud nine, this idiom came from Buddhism and means where a person’s selfishness washes away and they move towards enlightenment. On cloud nine means to be super happy when you have achieved something or when you are the happiest. This can be used whenever and whichever situation you are in! For example, a student will be on cloud nine if he/she pass with good grades, OR, an employee will be on cloud nine if he/she gets promoted to the highest position.


Did you know that this idiom came from the 17th century? This idiom literally means that you have got a hold of something that is very good and positive which is why you are in good spirits (positive). For example, ‘She was in good spirits after winning the match.’


Delightedness is often used when you are very happy about something new and exciting. This word is usually used in formal situations. For example, ‘You are delighted to meet your new boss or colleague.’ 


Ecstatic is another version of happiness, actually, it is the exaggeration of happiness and it means to be in a situation of ecstasy. Ecstatic means you are happy but for someone else, your friend or your family member, etc. For example, ‘I am ecstatic that you got admission into your dream college.’

These are the 4 new ways through which you can express your happiness in different situations and with different people. Now, you won’t have to stick to the ‘happy’ word anymore! 

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