Have and has- What is the difference?

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Have and has

Have and has- What is the difference?

Have and has have the same meanings but with different grammatical uses in the English language. Probably these two words are seen more frequently in English language sentences. Beginners might face a little difficulty while learning and understanding these two words, however, it is not rocket science!

The first thing to remember about Have and has is that both of them are verbs and they indicate action.

They are the basic parts of the English language as it is a part of speech. In the English Present Tense, these two words are both conjugations of the infinitive form.

The best way in which you can practice learning about ‘have’ and ‘has’ is by taking online quizzes, watching online YouTube videos and there are quite a lot many learning materials available online for free of cost.

You could try writing exercises to understand this concept better if you are keen on improving both grammar as well as writing skills. Try writing about anything and make sure that you are using these verbs in your sentences. Try writing as many sentences as you can. The major difference between these two verbs is about who is speaking and who is being spoken about. 

This was a short explanation about the major difference between ‘have’ and has’ wherein most learners get confused, but you can attain totality with practice!