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When you learn the English language and its skills, it is essential to know English has formal and informal uses even while speaking in English. You need to know how to speak to whom and in what manner. You must learn to use polite language in order to avoid uncomfortable situations which will not just make you fluent but will also help you to build confidence. 

Speaking in English and in polite language helps you to be friendly and not sound harsh or arrogant while you speak or chat with someone. It makes your partner feel that you are friendly with them. Speaking about the English language, it is one of the most spoken languages across the globe with millions of people conversing in their day-to-day lives. Speaking in the English language has helped people and nations to build relations and getting to know each other. It helps countries to build trade and business relations which has in inturn helped the world in Globalisation. Thus, it is important to study the English language.

The question arises that why do you actually need to learn polite English in order to speak in English? There is a sign of respect when you speak politely to people. It is advised to use formal English while you are at your workplace and with your colleagues, or you are meeting new people, etc. You will not offend anyone if you speak politely and formally.

Speaking politely helps you to look more professional and caring. What sounds rude and arrogant is when you speak informally in formal places. On the other hand, speaking English in a polite manner makes you look more welcoming, approachable, likable and will direct you towards success. You need to learn polite English if you are traveling to another English-speaking country for any purpose.

Including words like ‘please’, ‘thankyou’, ‘kindly’ are some basic words to make you look polite but there is more to it than just that if you are speaking in English. Always use the title if a person has one, like a professor, doctor, Mr., or Mrs. Do not use their first name unless they ask you to. Until then, speak by adding their title before their name. There are certain movies and series which include formal speeches in their work life. It does not just tell you how to talk but it is much more than that.

To sound polite while speaking in English, you can turn your normal statements into questions to sound more considerate and nice. Framing up a question will make the other person more willing to help.

For eg: 

  1. You can say “Can you finish the work?” instead of “Finish the work.”
  2. You can say “Will you explain this topic?” instead of “Explain to me this topic.”

Make sure that you are not too direct with what you speak. You can turn out sounding impolite if you do so. You can say things that are more appealing and acceptable. Softening your language may take you a long way. 

For eg:

  1. Instead of saying “Meet me at 8pm”, you can say “Meet me around dinner time.”
  2. You can say “It is hot. Would you mind switching on the fan?” instead of “It is hot. Switch on the fan.”

When you speak at your workplace or someplace formal, it is a good idea to give a short explanation so that the person you are talking to understands what you are trying to say. Very often, it is a good idea to give a short explanation. In order to add an explanation, you can use words and phrases like because, so, therefore or that’s why.

We hope that this guide has been of utmost importance to you in order to learn English and go to its depth. Remember to keep practicing.