How to teach English to beginners?

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How to teach English to beginners?

It can be a challenging experience to teach English language but it is never impossible. Every work requires effort in order to fetch the best results. To make your learners have the best learning experience, here are some tips you need to keep in mind:

Simplify your instructions: It can be hard to teach English to a bunch of students in your politest language, especially to the ones that you’ve just met or the ones who are difficult to understand. A student who learns slowly and steadily would require more effort from your side to make him understand the concept very well and in the simplest language. In order to teach English Try to break down your instructions into smaller units which would help them understand. Don’t try to add difficult language while instructing them; try to keep it as simple as possible. This will not only make things clear but will reduce stress on your side.

Speak well, let them listen first: Your students will want to start practicing right from the beginning. So for this, you need to give good and clear instructions, making everything clear at the beginning itself. One thing you need to remember is not to pressurize anyone, let them move at their pace. Slowly and eventually they will be able to adapt to things and learn the language. Speaking well will set an example for them.

Make them practice: It is a practice that makes a man perfect. It is a practice that makes a difference. With regular practice and learning, they will improve themselves in English speaking and will grasp everything that comes their way. It will seem boring and irritating at times to repeat the same sentence on and on but it is necessary.

Repeat everything: As a mentor, you will have to repeat everything you have taught to your class as a means to make them remember all that they have learned. You don’t have to miss a chance of making them forget things. Getting in the habit of repeating things will help your beginner students understand the lesson and retain better keywords and phrases. If you begin your class with “Hi, how are you?”, they will remember how to respond to this question and the following ones. This will make them remember how to respond to greetings.

Using props: Props become a great advantage for your students to learn and participate in the class. Props help them to build interest and get excited about learning which in turn makes them remember things because of the props. Encourage your students to use English as a classroom language so that it helps them in speaking fluent English.

Check for understanding: Ask questions in between your class just to ensure whether your students have understood certain things or not. As questions irrespective of the lessons being simple or difficult. You need to check how much they understand things and make sure whether they are on the same track or not. Asking questions will give you instant feedback whether your class or a single student has understood the concept or not.