Top 5 tricks to improve your English hearing skills

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Top 5 tricks to improve your English hearing skills

Listening is an English language skill that needs concentration as well as attention. There are people who prefer to study through different means!. If you are the one who likes to study independently, then you will have to concentrate and dedicate more than what you are planning. You prefer to study along because you may get easily distracted in a group. 

You can divide your daily tasks just as the way you want and you give spare 15-20 minutes daily to learn English hearing skills! You will be less stressed if you do this and you could plan your tasks more accurately.  

  1. Listen to the same english podcast on repeat

You can improve your English hearing skills by listening to the podcasts and episodes that you like the most. You can listen to then whenever and wherever you want such as doing the laundry, dishes, while driving or eating! Just ensure that you pause the podcast while you are unable to understand a line or a phrase and try to learn more about it and create sentences/phrases form the same!

  1. Overhearing an English conversation

The second way to improve your English hearing skills is by overhearing and English conversation and this can happen mostly when you are staying in an English-speaking country. Ensure that you are not listening the whole conversation, but you can pick up most of the sentences and understand how they are speaking!

  1. Read and listen at the same time

You can add up to your English learning knowledge by reading and listening at the same time as it is a better way of improving English. Watch an English movie along with subtitles and try to concentrate on the dialogues as well as keep an eye on the subtitles.

  1. Try different accents

Do you find British movies better than American movies? At first, it might seem a difficult job to understand what is being said but your job gets easier once you are on the loop. It gets easy to understand different types of accents once you keep reading and listening the same.

  1. Listen to yourself

Have a conversation with yourself in front of the mirror once in a while, or you can even have a conversation with yourself in your head; we do that sometimes, we talk to ourselves! Talk to yourself and see how you sound! Add a bit of spark by changing your actions and accents!