Top 5 tricks to improve your English hearing skills

Before trying to learn anything, know that everyone has different interests, thoughts, clothes, and different learning styles. Everyone learns differently. In order to improve your English skill sets, you need to use the methods which work best for you. Some might prefer to learn with friends while some prefer to learn alone, and that is perfectly alright. You can quickly improve your English hearing skills once you are in the right setting with the right tools.

Listening is an English language skill that requires utmost attention and concentration. There are various kinds of people who prefer various ways and means to study. If you are an independent learner, it will involve you to study English on your own time. You might easily get distracted if you are studying in a group, which is why you prefer to study alone. To know which method suits you best, it is important to try different ways of practicing English listening skills. 

Sparing a few minutes per day to study might prove to be more helpful rather than having a lot of time to study. It is known as ‘micro-learning’ when you study for a few minutes rather than spending hours and hours. You can also say that micro-learning is dividing your tasks into small parts which can be completed in about 5 minutes.

You have the liberty to divide your tasks just the way you want. Instead of trying to give hours and hours to learn English along with English hearing skills and grammar, try to give 15-20 minutes daily; with this, you will be less stressed and your work will be completed too. For a while, try to include micro-learning in your daily routine to learn the English language and its skills. The biggest advantage of micro-learning is that you can do your tasks a bit in the morning, some in the afternoon, and the rest in the evening. Even better, you can merge all this and complete it when you have a 20-minute break.  

  1. Listen to the same english podcast on repeat

The first way to improve your English hearing skills is to choose a podcast that interests you and which is exciting and entertaining and choose one episode. Try to listen to that episode every single day for a week while you are washing clothes, dishes, or you are driving or riding the bus, etc. Make sure that you pause the episode when you are unable to understand a particular word or a concept and then listen to it again.

You can even pick out the words and phrases which you find difficult to understand and look them up on them on the first and second days at the beginning of the week. After a few days, you must be able to understand and hear the correct pronunciation of the word. You may even practice speaking them out loud and can memorize parts of the podcast. Spot out the differences between you and the speaker in terms of the English language.

  1. Overhearing an English conversation

This is the second way to improve your English hearing skills. If you are living in a place where English is spoken more commonly and you can regularly find people conversing in English, take advantage and listen to that conversation.

As you will start to listen to them in the middle of the conversation, you might not understand most of the things but do not stop to listen to them; eventually, you will get hold of the topic they are speaking on. Try to figure out any new words or phrases they are using and understand how it is fitting in the sentence. You can find English conversations literally everywhere, like in a bus, in a garden, in a hotel, or in a cafe.

  1. Read and listen at the same time

The third way to improve your English hearing skills is by reading and listening at the same time. Using two sources of information to learn something just adds up to your knowledge. It is a good way of improving your English. Reading and listening at the same time simply means that you should not just listen, but also get your English from another place at the same time. The best way to do this is by watching an English movie with subtitles. With this, you will not just hear the dialogues but it will also make it easier to understand and it will help you to remember more. Audiobooks are another great source to learn English listening and reading skills. 

  1. Try different accents

Are you from the same group who finds British movies better than American movies? It might be a bit difficult to understand their accents in the first place but as you keep watching and hearing it, your job gets easier. Do know that having trouble while listening to them in the first place is normal, even native English speakers face it. You can understand all different types of English accents if you just keep on listening and understanding them. If you are finding a particular accent more difficult, you just have to spend some time, listen more to it, and try to understand it.

  1. Listen to yourself

Try to have a conversation with yourself in front of the mirror once in a while. You can even have a conversation with yourself in your head; with this, you are already listening to yourself. Create imaginary situations and conversations and give yourself answers while pretending to be another person. Try to change your voice and your actions, or even your accent. It will make you understand how you have to reply or how you would build that conversation.

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