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English reading is an excellent exercise for your brain as it help you in improving and focusing on your memory, to learn new words, new phrases, etc. There are times when people read to relax their minds, or to gain knowledge from it or simply because they have a habit of reading. But, if you are still on your journey of learning the English language, it is a bit difficult to read with fluency and without any breaks. You can start by reading learning materials that are easy and simple to understand. One thing to remember before you choose a reading material is to know your reading level and then choose accordingly.

If you are a beginner and you want to improve your reading skills, then you should choose reading materials that have a simple language and are also easy to understand. Children’s books are the best to read in the beginning because of its simplicity. The next step is all about what you are willing to read be it fiction, non-fiction etc. These are a few things that you must consider before you start reading.

To begin with, try to read books that interest you or whether you are interested in a particular genre. If you like a particular movie, then see if there is a book written on it! If you have a specific genre, then go for a magazine that talks about it. By doing so, you will be interested in being consistent and you will also enjoy reading, with this you will also develop a reading habit. You can also take the advantage of a local library nearby and can spend some time reading in the library. E-books and audiobooks are also a good place, to begin with. 

To read peacefully, you will have to select a spot where there is no noise and no disturbance; only then can you grasp everything by reading. You can even keep a pen or a pencil by your side for you to write down words that you don’t understand.

Do to rush with what you are reading. take good time to read and keep you pace slow in the beginning. It is important that you understand the content when you read.

Once you are getting the hang of reading the book, then try to read phrases from the content and not just words, for the sake of it!.