Are you the one who gets nervous while introducing yourself in informal situations? In the real world, it is quite terrifying to introduce yourself. At times, you even try to ignore the person coming at you in order to avoid those situations. 

Remember to get comfortable while you introduce yourself in formal situations. You can always begin with a ‘Hello’ and can shake hands when you feel so. You can even greet the opposite person with the most common greetings like ‘Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening, Good day.

To begin with, you need to start with the very basic information once you have greeted the other person. You may ask,

  • How are you?
  • What brings you here?
  • Where are you from?

In order to make the conversation more comfortable and friendly, you can compliment them. Be careful when you are complimenting them, be careful while picking an object to compliment the other person. Don’t pick up things that might offend them and try to avoid complimenting them about their physical appearance, their accent, etc. it might not create a good image of you. They might term it as being over-friendly or they might think that you are going way too forward with it. 

Have some basic answers already prepared in your mind. This will help you to introduce yourself with confidence and even with perfect English at that time. Try to keep your answers short and simple, or else you might bore out the opposite person. With short and simple answers, you will make fewer mistakes. Try to speak positively and keep some general answers prepared, add up with more detail. This will help you to keep the conversation healthy and interesting. In order to keep the conversation going on, ask some follow-up questions. Keep the questions general and not opinionated. 

With this short explanation, you can speak confidently and can make your conversations healthy and interesting.

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