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When you are a beginner in learning the English language, translations would be the fastest and easiest way for you to memorize any English word in your native language. Doing this would make you remember those words for a longer period. In this article, we will look at some ways for you to learn English using the translation method and some ways through which you can stop using translations and you can totally shift to the English language.

Does the question arise that how would you know if your translations are correct or not? 

So, for this, the most used and trusted apps for translations is the Google translator and this app can understand approximately 100 languages! Isn’t that awesome? You will just have to type or paste the original content of the text in the left box and ensure that the ‘English’ language is selected in the right box. The next step is that you will have to do nothing but compare your translation with that of Google’s.

Remember that this app is more like a guide and is not so perfect but it helps you to compare your verb tenses, key vocabulary words, and parts of speech too! All the translation is done by the version of Google.

Another fun and enjoyable way through which you can learn English is by translating your favorite movie dialogues or even your favorite songs. You must be aware of the end number of movies that are dubbed and you are very well aware that the English audio in the movies is replaced with the audio that is in another language. 

If you are a beginner and you would want to go with this technique, begin with comedy and rom-com movies. The story and the concept are light and are easily understandable. If you are an advanced English learner, you might want to try movies that challenge you and the concept in those movies are abstract. Being an advanced learner, you can turn off the subtitles and you can try to understand what is going on in the movie.

Try to translate dialogues and scenes one at a time and do not translate the whole movie at once. Pick up one line and translate that, pause and understand it for a while and you could play it again. If you are progressing with this method, you can try increasing the number of lines you are translating.

Once you are done with the translation and you have understood the meaning of that particular dialog or that line, you could then turn on the subtitles and check out whether what you have translated is right or wrong. And if you have made any mistakes, check where did you go wrong and rectify that mistake.

As said before, you could even translate music videos and understand what message is being conveyed. You could begin with the English songs that you like or even if you are not so big a fan of English music and videos, you could pick out those songs and videos that are hit and popular. By translating and understanding the meaning of that song, you will understand why is that song so famous.

While you are watching the song albums or its videos, you can even make out if the singer is pronouncing certain words correctly or not. In the beginning, try to translate only the chorus of the song and not the whole song at once. Once you understand the song bit by bit, you can go for the whole song.

By the time, you build a habit of translating, you could try understanding such concepts in the English language itself.