Power of 4 English language skills – Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing

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Power of 4 English language skills – Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing

In order to become fluent in English, you will need to learn and master all 4 English language skills.


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The first language skill is Reading. Reading will help you to improve your grammar and expand your horizons for vocabulary. It will help you to increase your knowledge. With writing being the second language skill, you can text or write letters, you can send emails and even prepare reports. Speaking is another key language skills set which helps you to speak with confidence and express your thoughts and communication through presentations and conversations. Listening will help you to know and understand what is going on around you. 

You will not be able to have a good conversation if you know one skill and you are unaware of another. What will shut you out from most of the online communications and opportunities is if you are not good with any of these key skill sets. If you know one skill and don’t know the other one, start knowing your weaknesses and begin to build yourself in that sector. 

To learn something, first you need to identify your weak and strong spots. From the 4 language skills, ask yourself what you are aware of and what you are unaware of. The skill which you find impossible to learn is where you need to practice the most. One of the best ways to learn english language is to expose and immerse yourself in the language as much as you can. 

Anyone can become a good speaker, writer, listener or a reader with good practice. It might seem impossible at first, if you are weak in some sections, but that is where you need to improve yourself, right? So that you become more bold and confident with yourself. If you are really struggling with learning english, it is advised to have a personal tutor, but there are other ways to improve that too.

Remember that it is okay to stumble if you are unprepared to speak. It will not make you look weak. Even many of the native english speakers stumble while speaking if they are unprepared to speak. So know that it’s alright.

To achieve fluency, it is important to know what you want to say, how sentences are formed, the order of words in a sentence, and a few more. Talking in english with your friends and family really helps you a lot. We know that questions in english are usually framed with 4Ws and 1H: What, where, when, why, which, and how. Usually, questions contain a part of the answers within them itself. You can find a study partner if you want to achieve fluency. It will prove to be helpful to both of you.

The best way to build a writing habit is to maintain a diary. You can do the simplest thing like writing about how your day went, what unique things did you do today?, you can also jot down some memorable thoughts or memories you have. Apart from this you can read english essays and compositions, listen you podcasts and songs, write short stories or poems; but at least begin with something and keep practicing to reach the best level.