Short stories and 3 reasons to start reading!

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short stories

Short stories and 3 reasons to start reading!

As we are living in the digital era nowadays, we can have easy access to all the short stories. Moreover, they can be a beautiful read. One of the main reasons to start reading short stories is that they are “short” and they can be completed within no time! E-books and, probably e-books on short stories have made our lives easier day by day. Everyone can become a writer in today’s world and can publish their writings related to short stories, poems, or anything they may want to write!

3 reasons to start reading short story in English!

  • Because it is a “SHORT” story

One of the reasons why we do not read books or we leave them in the middle is because they are long and they consume a lot of time. But, with short stories, the case is different. You might finish reading the book in 15 minutes to half an hour. Once you are halfway in reading a short story, you would not even realize and you will be at the end of the book!

  • The feeling of finishing a book/short story!

Finishing a book or even a story gives a big-big pleasure and happiness which just cannot be measured! The main reason a reader does not complete a book is that they feel discouraged and hence, they leave it halfway. No happiness can be matched and can be compared when an individual finishes reading a book.

Exploring books and short stories take you on a whole new world of thoughts, imagination, and a total adventure! You can start knowing and exploring new genres with new short stories and new authors too! And guess what, you can finish reading the book within no time and can get on another book within an instant; without feeling guilty of not finishing to read that particular book!