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english language journey


The first step towards your English language journey is your decision that you want to learn the language. You must have been hesitant at first before deciding for yourself to begin with this journey, but just so you know, that is totally fine and normal. It is good that you took out some time to think before heading on towards your English language journey. With the right learning material, guidance, and the right resources, you can master the art of fluency within no time. Learning this language is a bit difficult but it is your motivation and enthusiasm that will keep you going.

Lets us look at some of your first steps through which you can begin the English language journey that will be beneficial for you throughout your life.

The first step you will have to take to begin your ride is identifying your English learning level. There are three types of learners and they are the beginners, intermediary, and advanced learners. Before beginning the journey, you need to identify in which category do you fall. Try being honest with yourself and ask yourself some questions like how much do you know English? Where do you need to focus more? 

The beginner level in the English learning journey will cover your basics and will make your base stronger. The beginner level will teach you more about short phrases and sentences, basic verbs and grammar, your introduction, and much more.

The next level that comes after the beginner level is the intermediate level and this level will take you one step ahead of the beginner level and you will learn something more than what you learned at the beginner level. So, you can say that this level is more challenging yet exciting. At this level, you will learn more about grammar tenses, modal verbs, clauses, everyday English, and much more.

The last level is the advanced level where you are strong with your basics and vocabulary. This level focuses on fluency just like native-English speakers. At this level, you learn about English slang and idioms and everything you need to know after making your basics strong. 

Your English language journey can depend and can last as long as your weak points are turned into your strengths. You need to ask yourself this important question whether you are learning English for your hobby or for professional needs? Try to understand your reason to learn English and then decide your way forward. Once you are one step ahead of this, you can plan your schedule to spend how much time you need to study and decide your learning materials depending on that.

After you have decided your reason to learn and have planned your schedule, you need to choose the way to learn that makes you comfortable. If you are a sole learner then go for it, choose an online class if you like, or a physical class, etc. Decide what kind of method fits your goals. 

The last step to your English language journey is finding the right learning material that will have a positive effect on your learning process. You could choose books, digital apps, websites, podcasts, youtube videos, entertainment movies that through which you can learn about conversations and body style, body image, etc.

Remember that when you are in your learning process, you will make mistakes and that is perfectly alright and normal. It is through your mistakes that you will learn where you must focus more. What will matter at the end is your consistency and your willingness to keep on learning. Try to be motivated throughout your English language journey.