Top 5 Games to learn English without even realizing it

Another way to improve your English language is through games! Yes, you read it right. Here are some top 5 games, games are not just for playing but are an effective learning tool that English learners can play in order to improve their fluency. Research shows that games are not just for kids but adults are more likely to remember all the necessary information and details that they learn through an entertaining process, just like movies.

Games have the power to teach you a range of language skills. To learn an English language skill, games can be used to practice writing, speaking, and listening to English. There is learning which happens outside of books and classrooms too. Just as we know that learning is not restricted to the classroom.

You can try games to improve your fluency at home by playing games if you cannot sign up for a formal English class or you cannot have a mentor. Games help you to improve your conversations and boost confidence. We five you top 5 Games which give you the chance of practicing English conversation skills in a fun environment.

Let us know the top 5 games to learn English:


This game lets you practice English writing and spelling skills. The game starts where you are given six letters and you need to figure out how many words can be spelled with those letters. You will be given two and a half minutes to figure out every word. You will have to be aware that if you guess too many incorrect words, then it leads to the end of the game. This game might turn out to be a bit tricky for new language learners. It could also be fun if you give it a daily practice.


This game gives you the chance to learn more about the language roots (words or word elements, generally from Greek or Latin that the English words were created from). In this game, you will be given multiple choice questions and for each word, you will be shown a root word along with an English word with the root. All you will have to do is guess the meaning of the English word. It will happen only after playing the game that you will realize the most common root words in English.

The game is very helpful because it will not just help you in learning the English language but will also help you to understand different words with the same roots even if you don’t know or even if you have not specifically studied them.

  1. BOGGLE 

Boggle is a board game. You have the chance to play along with other English learners. It makes learning more interesting and motivating along with practicing English conversational skills. In this game, you will have to create words by connecting letters on the Boggle board. You will have to shake up the board and show the mixed-up letters. You will have to set the timer and start jotting down all the English words you can make from all the letters on the board. This game brushes up your brain and makes you think as to how many new words you can create, thus it increases your vocabulary.


Bananagrams is similar to crossword puzzles and it is a game that lets you practice spelling English words. This game gives you the liberty to play with multiple people. You along with other players will receive the letter tiles and will have to start using those letters to build the connecting words. You will have to shout the word “peel!” once you use all the letters. After this, every player has to take another tile from the pile. This game allows you to practice reading, spelling, and writing English words. The game can be carried and played at cafes and restaurants. You can even set limits to the game to learn a specific type of vocabulary. 


This game helps you to recognize and spell words in English. A deck will contain 120 cards and each will have a letter or letter combination. In order to spell words, you will have to use the cards in your hand. This game is interesting because it allows you to steal and build off of words from other players. You will understand how to play this game only after a few rounds. This game might seem tricky to play but you will understand it only after a few practices.

The above listed are the top 5 games to help you to improve your fluency in the English language along with building your vocabulary and brushing up your mind. 

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