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weird english words


Yes, the English language also consists of weird English words! We already know that the language has a crazy vocabulary with the added benefit of them being in the dictionary. 

Are you the one who has learned and memorized all the grammar rules, tricks, idioms, and slang that are used in the everyday English language? You might also know how to have a conversation fluently without facing any speaking obstacle but have you come across some weird words that make you feel confused?  Don’t worry! We all come across such types of situations.

In order to become the best speaker of the English language, you will have to look after improving your English vocabulary and will have to practice it constantly. By doing this, you will have tons of ways to express your thoughts and build engagement while you are talking to strangers. By listening and knowing information about weird words, you can learn about having interesting conversations with people. 

Did you know that weird words consist of various and end number of syllables given with a combination of unique letters? This makes them better for pronunciation practice.

You will not have to memorize all the weird English words all at once and in order to remember them, you can keep a small notebook or a journal to jot those words and keep them for your future reference. 

Understand the fact that the more you read the words and the more you understand them, you will remember them more. You can go through them whenever you have your free time or you want to learn just for a little while.

Let us now look at 3 weird English words that will make you go crazy!


Yes, this is also one of the weird English words. It is a noun and it refers to the shoutings and noise that people make when they get angry. Did you know that since the 18 century, this word has been a part of the English vocabulary.

For example: The students created a lot of hullabaloos today in the class.


No, this word has nothing to do with muffins. It is a noun and it came from the English that people used to speak during middle age time. Ragamuffin is a word that refers to a person who wears dirty clothes, just like rags. Moreover, you might know that this word is usually used for children and animals.

For example: The kids got into a fight and they came home just like ragamuffins!


Gibberish is a noun and it is a word that means to make little sense, most of the time it means nonsense. This word has been in use since the mid 16th century. 

For example: He was talking while eating and he was speaking gibberish!

Now you are totally aware of the fact that English is not just the most common language spoken all around the world but it also has a crazy vocabulary. 

Do not forget to practice all the weird words!