What are the features of Talk Now?

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Why choose the Talk Now App

What are the features of Talk Now?

Before jumping onto the features of Talk Now, let us go step by step and know some details regarding Talk Now and how does it help English-language learners.

What is Talk Now?

Talk Now is an app and also a website that is specially dedicated to English language learners. By using Talk Now, an English language learner can make the best use of the app as well as website to gain knowledge about the language, to improve vocabulary, to have regular practice of English speaking as well as writing, to know more about Grammar, how to begin conversations, and a lot more!

Talk Now is not just a stop for English language learners just to learn, but it a whole experience to face your fear of having an English conversation, to confidently speak in English without any hesitation, to learn from making mistakes while speaking and writing!

What does Talk Now offer?

When an English language learner uses the app, the person will just have to login into the account and then he/she can start using the app. You can have live calls, chats. The best part is that there is no scope for hesitation that we feel while speaking to a stranger in the English language.


Because the person you will be speaking with will be unknown and a stranger too, but with the same motive like you. That other person will also be using Talk Now to improve its English language. Users can choose whom to talk to, it can be their friends, somebody from their contact list or a total stranger! But the main motive to have a live call is to remove the fear of speaking in English.

What are the features of Talk Now?


The main motive to create Talk Now was to improve the users’ English language, giving them a good practice English speaking wherein vocabulary becomes a big part of learning the language. When a user will use Talk Now and when the user will have live calls or chats, he/she will make mistakes or will help someone when the person makes a mistake. Hence, a win win situation for both! This will help them in rectifying each others mistakes and thus, will help them in improving their vocabulary as well as keep them in track to practice English speaking. Moreover, they can also practice English speaking by reading a paragraph or a page from one of the common books, and the other person will identify the mistakes made by the reader. This will help both of them in improving their vocabulary.


With the help of Talk Now, an English language learner will have to come across strangers while practicing English through calls or chats. By doing this, there are good chances that both learners can become good friends who can learn and discuss about everyday learnings of the language, they can also play word games together, solve quizzes together and lot more. This connection building will lead you to community building. By using Talk Now, you can also create a group of English language learners. Talk Now is user friendly as your private data will not be shared with the people you speak, your privacy will be maintained and all data will be deleted once you delete the app, so that you don’t leave anything behind! Rest assured, Talk Now will not give you a chance to delete the app, that’s how brilliant it is!


Now that you have your own group of English language learners and your own community of learners, so everybody in the group can make a plan to learn or practice the language. If you have a good friend on Talk Now, then both of you can create a plan to practice learning sessions and can also be on the same page.

Why go anywhere else when you can have the best learning experience on Talk Now! Download the app now!