What is a short story? 3 types explained

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short story

What is a short story? 3 types explained

A short story is normally written in the form of narrative prose and is a part of literature. As the name suggests, it does not take a long time to complete a short story. As compared to a novel, both have their own charm and honestly, they cannot be compared! The main focus of a short story is a particular incident most of the time and it involves a few cast characters.

Let us now dig into the 3 types of short story

  • Anecdote

This type of short story telly about a real person or an incident. Anecdotes are amusing, exciting and interesting as well! Majority of time, they are used to depict, or a support a particular point in an article, chapter or even in an essay. Usually, they have no specific limits but they are short.

  • Fables

Fables are nothing but they talk about mythical creatures, plants and inanimate objects. Fables tell stories that have a moral hidden in them. Usually, the moral is revealed in the end of the story making the readers read the whole story to know what the moral is.

  • Mini Saga

The name suggests to tell a lot with the use of least words. This type of short story uses exactly 50 worda and manages to tell a story with the word limit only. Isn’t it mind-blowing to tell a story within 50 words only? Mini Sagas are used to tell a lot by using little words or little number of words.