Why is English language so important in India?

Since our childhood days, we have been taught to speak in English and in the English language only. That was just to make us perfect in English speaking, writing, reading, and listening. It was compulsory to speak in English in schools. Said that, here are some facts to blow your mind:

English is the most spoken language in the World. 53 countries have named English as their official language. Globally, about 400 million people use English as their first language. It is also the most common second language in the world.

English is a language of England and since they started building colonies, the language started to spread and began to gain worldwide acceptance.

Now that we know, English is a very common language through which conversations happen every day. Business and trades happen by conversing in the English language. Globally, the most common language spoken is English. Some places have even declared English as their national language.

A place like India, which is known for its diversity and rich culture, is now focusing that everyone speaks English, be it in their professional lives or anywhere else. India’s culture is so rich that it has an end number of languages that define the country. India is known for its vividness but still why does everybody want to have a good hold over the English language? 

The English language has significantly contributed to bringing India’s culture and its people closer. The benefits of the English language can be seen in the economic, social, and political life of the people in India.

As we know that the English language has a key role in building relations and networks, it has helped India to undertake the gigantic task of developing the Economy and become a powerful country. Good progress is not possible without the contribution of expert technicians, mechanics, and engineers; any country needs them in increasing numbers. China and Japan are medical science countries and these countries are 3-4 years behind India. This is because they don’t give much importance to learning the English language. 

Apart from this, a developing nation has to guard against its internal dangers too. In such situations, the selection of language to be studied by the youth of the country becomes exclusively important. English is said to be the storehouse of scientific knowledge. This brings us to the fact that for a developing nation like India, studying English becomes of great importance.

The English language is of very important for the country’s international affairs. For all the countries of the world, India’s international affairs are the focus of attention. India wants to be friendly with all the countries and it wants to convince others that their point of view is correct. This goal cannot be achieved without a common language to share thoughts on or even for exchange of ideas. Here is where the English language helps to sort out the priorities and motives of country-to-country affairs.

The English language enjoys the status of an international language. It is in English that the discussions are carried out in the U.N.O. Majority of the countries of the world conduct their trade and businesses in this tongue. Indians must study English if they want India to play a good role in international matters.

India is a diverse country and the people of India live in different parts of the country and speak different languages. India’s regional languages are quite different from one another. Languages in India change every few kilometers. It would be impossible for the leaders and administrators of the country to remain in touch without a common language. It is impossible for everyone to know ten or fifteen languages. Currently, apart from the English language, we do not have any common language. 

At the time of the English rule, everyone tried to learn this language. This language helps us to feel at home in any corner of the country. The English language is best suited to nations’ internal unity. We must study English if we want to crush the provincial, communal, and separatist tendencies of our people. 

It is in the English language that major technological and scientific advancements have been written on; this is the age of science and the world is changing at a terrific speed. This has happened because of the scientific and technological changes the countries have made. If we want to move forward with these countries, we must do scientific and technological research in our own land. This can be done through advancement in these subjects and we will have to depend upon English. Good and useful books related to these subjects are in the English language only and in order to produce first-rate scientists, English must be taught. 

We study the best literature for proper mental development. If we want to be the best and know the best, we must be ready to take the best from others. Literature from different countries is in different languages but it can be obtained in English as they are highly available in the English language. This makes it easier for everyone to gain the best knowledge from literature. In order to get good qualifications and higher studies, an individual decides to go abroad. For this, they need knowledge of English.

These are some reasons why Indians think it is important to study and learn the English language because it is the language of the world and it helps an individual to improve.

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