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How can I contact Talk Now Support?

While you are in the settings section of the app, in the support section, you can see Facebook Messenger, Instagram messenger and Email support if you have any query or you are facing any problem because of the app and your are unable to find a solution for it; you can contact Talk Now Support. You can contact “Talk Now” through any of the mentioned three ways.

If you click on ‘Facebook messenger’, you will be directed to the Facebook page of Talk Now app and you can put in your query there.

If you click on ‘Instagram Messenger’ you will be directed to Instagram page of Talk Now app and you can directly message them.

In case of email support, you will be provided with their mail id and then you can jot down your quest and send them an email.

Note: Prefer contacting support team via Facebook messenger ,You are more likely to get respond quickly.

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