Conversation between brother and sister about Ganesh Festival

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conversation between brother and sister about Ganesh Festival

Conversation between brother and sister about Ganesh Festival

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation between brother and sister about Ganesh Festival. One of the highly celebrated Ganesh Festival is here and people are more than excited to celebrate Ganesh Utsab this year with pomp and joy. During the previous two years, almost no festival was celebrated with music, dance, crowd and joy, and excitement, but as the Covid threat has eased down, people are gathered again to witness one of the biggest festivals of India that is celebrated on every home and every nook and corner of the country!

Without further adieu, let us head on to the conversation between brother and sister about Ganesh Festival.

Conversation between brother and sister about Ganesh Festival.

Sister: Hey, for this year’s Ganesh Utsav, I have planned something different and exciting.

Brother: Wow, tell me too.

Sister: Okay listen. None of us were able to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in the last two years, since Covid had taken away all our excitement, right?

Brother: Right.

Sister: Yes, so what I have thought this year to do is that we will bring home ‘Ganesh Raja’ this time and in a bigger size than we used to bring it before.

Brother: That sounds cool. The whole atmosphere of the house will be different.

Sister: That is exactly my point. I want this year’s celebration to be big and happier than ever before since we will bring Bappa after two huge years!

Brother: Yeah, that is true.

Sister: Okay, so you are with me to convince mom and dad to bring home the Raja this time and in a bigger size than ever before for a period of 10 days, correct?

Brother: Absolutely, I am in!

Sister: Perfect, we will speak to them once they come home from the market.

Brother: I think they will be back in an hour.

Sister: Okay, have you thought of the decoration?

Brother: Yes, I have. Since we are welcoming Bappa with great pomp and joy this time, let us create a space for him that will be dedicated just for him. Let’s make him a seat that resembles the seat of a king.

Sister: I get it. I understand what you are talking about. You want to give the decoration a royal look, isn’t it?

Brother: Bingo! That will go with our planning!

Sister: Perfect. So, we will have to purchase a lot of things, and we are having gold and silver ornaments for him over here itself. We need to get fresh flowers every day and let’s mix the royal theme along with floral decoration. We can give the whole back space a floral decoration.

Brother: Yes, we can bring specific flowers for each day. Let’s start with Mogra, Jasmine, Chafa, and flowers like those. And let’s keep the lights dim and light orange, it will go very well with the decoration.

Sister: Wow, that is an amazing idea!

Brother: Thanks! And what about sweets?

Sister: We will of course have Bappa’s favorite Modak every day and we can accompany that with some homemade sweets! I think mom has decided about the sweets and food!

Brother: Amazing then!

Sister: Alright. I guess Mom and Dad will agree to this plan.

Brother: Yes, I am there to support you! Let’s wait till they are home!


‘Bappa’ – ‘Bappa’ is another name for Lord Ganesh. People call Lord Ganesh ‘Bappa’ out of love and affection.

‘Modak’ – Modak is a sweet dish and is the favorite dish of Lord Ganesh.

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