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android dictionaries


An English android dictionaries app helps you keep thousands of words in your pocket rather than carrying a huge paper dictionary. Unlike a paper dictionary that you have to maintain, you don’t need to maintain an android dictionary. Moreover, you can understand any word at any time of the day and you understand it at any place you are at!

We all know that a dictionary helps you in understanding certain words and figure out their meaning. Dictionaries are available in multiple languages and consist of thousands of words. It does not just tell you the meaning of certain words but it also tells you that in which category does that word belongs, whether it is a verb, a noun, etc.

There are a few dictionaries that even give you a sample sentence containing the word you are looking for, so that you completely understand the meaning of the word and how it can be used and in what sentence it can be used.

First, when you come across a word that is unfamiliar to you, try guessing its meaning by figuring it out through the sentence. Even when you are unable to understand its meaning, then go look into your android dictionary. Try reading every definition of that word and understand which meaning fits correctly in the sentence you are reading. If you are still unable to understand dits meaning, check out the examples of the sentence.

One way through which you can find the right definition is by looking at its part of speech. Once you know the meaning and definition of the word and you know where and how it can be used, start practicing whenever you can. Try making sentences of your own and check if they are right or not.

Let us now look at the three English android dictionaries you must have,


If you want to have in-depth research of the word you are trying to understand, then this android dictionaries app is just for you. Like many other English dictionaries, this dictionary also gives you a ‘random word’ feature through which you can build your vocabulary. There are other options too through which you can learn new words and get rid of the old ones that nobody probably uses in today’s time. This dictionary also lets you bookmark the words that you have learned and the words that you are having trouble with. You can also shuffle the words that will make your learning easier.


This app is built to focus on your vocabulary and building your vocabulary and it gives you every word with a proper definition. The words in this dictionary have been taken from various sources so that you get the best results and yo achieve fluency even faster.


You must have known about this dictionary, right? Or maybe you even have this dictionary in a book form. Well, this dictionary is now available in androids too. This app has a certain payment to be done but you can also have a free trial of the same. This app is best if you are looking to search academic words and it is one of the most trusted dictionaries. To make your search even easier, you can even connect it to other apps on your phone. Isn’t that amazing?