Advanced English for a step up!

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Advanced English for a step up!

Learning Advanced English is definitely a process, which means it is a journey, a beautiful one. Learning English takes you into a whole nother world and culture. The ones who have gone through this journey know that it is not an easy one and it is not impossible too. This journey never really ends, just like life’s other journeys. It is highly essential to keep learning in order to reach a comfortable level of English language. Just for your knowledge, English is the most spoken and is a common language across the world with millions of people conversing it daily. It has helped to boost Globalisation, build trade and business relations and what not!

The English language covers many aspects right from reading, writing, speaking, and listening. In order to achieve fluency in English, you need to practice all these four aspects; missing out even on one would turn out to be bad to complete the learning process.

Your journey would never stop if your goal is to learn fluent English. Native English speakers, too, learn new words and phrases all the time. Just like time, languages evolve and change.

In order to learn advanced English, you will have to practice incredibly and have to take a few online English level tests which are provided by various websites.

By far, this is the most convenient method to find out where you are and how you’ve improved as an advanced English learner. Once you’ve received your grade, you can check the average scores and check if you fit in the advanced category.

With this, you can also see where you went wrong and how you could have improved. In order to learn advanced English, you can also sit for an accredited English exam in a local academy, school or university.

Grammar is a good indicator of your overall learning. It may only be one component of English but it plays a part in deciding your English level. To test your English grammar too, there are heaps of websites which allow you to do that. You even have the option to self-assess yourself if you are not learning English with a formal course.

In order to determine whether you are an advanced English learner, you can ask some of the questions to yourself like: Are you able to discuss complex topics with native English speakers, do people confuse you for a native speaker or they tell you that you speak English like a native, can you read and understand advanced academic texts, can you produce advanced or academic English texts, can you watch native English movies without subtitles, do you have a broad vocabulary and can you easily think of synonyms for words, do your friends depend on you to help them with your English, and lastly, are you able to think in English without translating in your head?

You are probably an advanced English learner if your answer is yes to most of the above questions. Your intermediate conversational skills with an intermediate level of English. You may even question what are the actual benefits of taking it to a higher level. For some people, being able to communicate up to a particular level is enough for personal and professional reasons.

English is a language of the world and of global businesses which means that a great understanding of English will provide you with good job opportunities in the future. You also have a chance to gain fresh opportunities in your current employment situation. You may be required to sit in an English job interview if you are willing to apply for a job in a large or international company.