1 Basic Conversation between two students

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1 basic conversation

1 Basic Conversation between two students

1 Basic Conversation is bound to happen when a student misses one of the lectures and calls up his friend to receive notes and get the updates about what happened during the lecture; it has happened in our lives too!

Here is an example of 1 Basic Conversation happening between two friends from which one of them had missed a lecture,

Friend 1: Hey listen, is this a good time to talk to you?

Friend 2: Of course, tell me what happened?

Friend 1: Actually, I was unable to attend today’s lecture and I have no idea what happened in the lecture, did our teacher give any notes or was there any announcement…

Friend 2: Oh calm down, calm down! Don’t worry about that! I had attended today’s lecture and let me tell you that nothing extraordinary happened today.

Friend 1: Oh, is it? Did nothing happen at all?

Friend 2: Not like that, 2 lectures got canceled because the professor was absent, so you need not worry about that.

Friend 1: That’s amazing. And what happened?

Friend 2: English lecture was conducted and the teacher gave us some notes, so I’ll send you images of the same or do you want to write it down yourself?

Friend 1: If you will be attending tomorrow’s lecture then I can take down those notes if that is fine with you!

Friend 2: Oh, yes I am attending tomorrow’s lecture so you can take my notebook for a while and can take down the notes.

Friend 1: Thank you so much!

Friend 2: No problem. So, see you tomorrow in class.

Friend 1: Yeah, see you tomorrow!