Telephone conversation between customer and customer care of zomato.

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Conversation between Customer and Customer care

Telephone conversation between customer and customer care of zomato.

Context: This is a telephone conversation between customer and customer care of Zomato. In the following customer care and customer conversation, you’ll get an idea of what you can do if you select the wrong address by mistake for your food delivery. The steps outlined here are applicable to a wide range of online food delivery services. In this case, a customer contacts Zomato’s customer service because he chose the incorrect address for food delivery and is now unable to change the address through the app and requires assistance. In this conversation, Sahil is the customer, and Taran is the customer service representative who will assist him and solve his problem.

Sample conversation

Taran: Hello, my name is Taran, and I am your customer service representative for today. How can I assist you?

Sahil: Yes, my name is Sahil. I ordered from Zomato 10 minutes ago and accidentally chose my work address. Could you please assist me in getting my food delivered to my house?

Taran: Sure, sir. Do you use the same contact numbers in our app to place your order?

Sahil: yes

Taran: Okay, sir, please hold for a second and just let me check our system.

Sahil: sure.

Taran: A delivery order from Subway has been placed to be delivered at 32-A Vasant Vihar. Is this your order?

Sahil: Yes, and this is my office address, and I want you to change it so I can get my food delivered at my home address.

Taran: Okay, I see that your order is still being processed and that no delivery partner’s assistance has yet been provided. I can make the necessary changes through my database. B-82 Madhuban enclave, Narayna colony: Do you want me to send your order to this address?

Sahil: Yes, this is where I want to get my order delivered.

Taran: I’ve just made the changes, sir. You’ll receive the notification, and it will update in your app in 30 seconds.

Sahil: Thank you so much.

Taran: No problem, sir; you’ll receive your order in the next 30 minutes. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our customer service number. It is available 24/7 to help our customers. Have a good day.

Sahil: Okay thanks.


  1. Applicable: relevant or appropriate.
  2. Assistance: the action of helping someone by sharing work.
  3. Representative: the action of speaking or acting on behalf of someone or the state of being so represented.
  4. Processed: deal with (someone or something) using an official procedure.
  5. Notification: an alert (typically a pop-up or other message) generated by an application to notify the user of a new message, update, social media post, etc.