Conversation between doctor and patient about stomach pain

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Conversation between doctor and patient about stomach pain

Conversation between doctor and patient about stomach pain

Context: Following is a conversation between doctor and patient about stomach pain. Here you can see a doctor-patient conversation in English where you can see how to communicate with a doctor and get ideas for questions to ask if you visit a doctor about stomach pain.

Sample Conversation

Patient: Good morning, doctor.

Doctor: Good morning. Please sit down.

Patient: I’m having severe pain in my stomach, doctor.

Doctor: I see, How long have you been experiencing stomach pain?

Patient: It’s been a couple of days now. First, I took some antacids, but the pain in my stomach has been severe since the day before yesterday.

Doctor: Did you take any other medicine for pain relief? 

Patient: No, sir, but my stomach hurt so much last night that I went to the hospital’s emergency room, where they gave me a shot. Here’s the receipt for the shot they gave me.

Doctor: So how long did it last? Did you experience any stomach pain after getting that injection?

Patient: The pain had eased to the point where I could sleep, but I still had mild abdominal pain, and I’ve been suffering from severe stomach pain since this morning.

Doctor: Did you check your temperature to see if you had a fever? Did you have any chest pains, a sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea?

Patient: Yesterday, I experienced a mild fever, but it subsided after I received a shot for a stomach ache. The day prior, I vomited once, and I vomited twice the following day, but not after I was injected with the medication. Also, instead of diarrhea, I am suffering from constipation.

Doctor: Have you noticed the color of your vomit, and is there any blood in your stool?

Patient: There’s no blood in my stool, and yes, my vomit is slightly green in color.

Doctor: Do you have any other problems, such as heartburn or acidity?

Patient: Yes doctor I’m having acidity with continuous Sulfur burps

Doctor: Could you please tell me where exactly you’re having pain?

Patient: Right now, my whole abdomen hurts.

Doctor: I think you are suffering from an intestinal infection. I am writing down some blood tests. Get it done as soon as you can. Meanwhile, if you’re suffering from extreme pain, get the injection you received the night before, as it is used to treat pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Patient: Is there something serious?

Doctor: Don’t worry. First, let me check your blood reports. If necessary, then we will follow up with an abdominal scan, but I need your reports as quickly as possible, so please don’t delay it.

Patient: Do you think I am suffering from ulcers?

Doctor: I cannot predict the results without looking at your blood work. Go get it done, and then we will review the reports and determine what needs to be done next.

Patient: Okay doctor. I’ll meet you in an hour.

Doctor: sure.


  1. Severe: very great, Intense.
  2. Receipt: mark (a bill) as paid.
  3. Sulfur burps: Sulfur burps are burps that smell like rotten eggs.