1 General Conversation between girls at the shopping mall

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1 general conversation

1 General Conversation between girls at the shopping mall

There has to be 1 general conversation happening between two girls going into the mall after the pandemic curbs are being eased down!

Here is an example of that 1 conversation between two girls visiting the shopping mall after nearly a year and a half,

Girl 1: Can you believe we are going to the shopping mall after almost a year and a half?

Girl 2: I know! It’s been so long we’ve shopped from the mall and have eaten from the mall.

Girl 1: Yes, and finally the day is here, after planning for it every week. 

Girl 2: Do you remember whenever we would plan to go somewhere out like this or even for a short trip, there would be something or the else happening. This made our plans a total flop all the time.

Girl 1: This pandemic has really slowed down everything right from business to everything and anything.

Girl 2: Everything has come online and just because there are online apps for shopping, we couldn’t take the actual feel of shopping in the mall.

Girl 1: Okay, now that we have reached the mall, I’m very excited to shop and eat.

Girl 2: So from where shall we begin?

Girl 1: I think we must have something to eat and then we should go fully shopping. What do you say?
Girl 2: Perfect! Let’s go for it!