1 small talk about being fit during the pandemic

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1 small talk

1 small talk about being fit during the pandemic

Women tend to have small talk about staying fit all the time, and, this pandemic has given a big opportunity to everyone to stay fit and healthy.

Let’s take a look at a 1 small talk between 2 women who are talking about staying fit during the pandemic,

Woman 1: This pandemic has been such a bore and has made everyone couch potatoes.

Woman 2: So true, laying down and doing nothing. Work and sleep work and sleep, that’s all has been going on these 2 years.

Woman 1: When we used to go to work, there was so movement happening, but now we are just glued to one place.

Woman 2: But if we try, we can work out at home itself.

Woman 1: Yeah we can.

Woman 2: As said, it is good to work out in the morning, so we can get up an hour early and do some light workouts or exercises.

Woman 1: Agreed. We can begin from a light workout and can increase the time day by day.

Woman 2: For the time being, we can go for a walk or jog in the morning and as we feel energetic, we can do some exercise.

Woman 1: So when shall we start?

Woman 2: Tomorrow? 

Woman 1: Yeah.. let’s go for a walk tomorrow morning at 6.

Woman 2: That’ll be good.

Woman 1: See you tomorrow
Woman 2: Yeah, see you too!