A deep conversation on why Literature is studied

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deep conversation on why literature is studied

A deep conversation on why Literature is studied

Overview: In this post, let us look at a deep conversation on why Literature is studied. There are two friends who are willing to pursue Literature in a few years from now, but they are confused and are unaware of the reasons why literature is studied and what is literature. So, let us head on to the conversation.

A deep conversation on why Literature is studied

Friend 1: Hey, did you start researching about literature and why it should be studied?

Friend 2: Yes, I did some research. Did you also find something?

Friend 1: Yes, I also found something. Let’s discuss.

Friend 2: Let’s begin with what is literature so that we understand the meaning of the subject. Okay?

Friend 1: Sounds perfect.

Friend 2: So, firstly, literature is a study of certain texts and writings. Since we will be choosing English literature, it will be a study of English texts and writings. Sounds fun and interesting! Doesn’t it?

Friend 1: Yeah! Totally. So if we are pursuing English literature, what all we will be studying in it?

Friend 2: It will consist novels, poetries, plays, dramas, screenplays, song lyrics, blogs, and many more. Contemporary literature will include screenplays, song lyrics and blogs.

Friend 1: That sounds fun!

Friend 2: Okay, so now let us get to the important part. Why Literature is studied? You tell me!

Friend 1: What I have learned is that Literature opens doors to a new point of view about the texts and writings as we read them, and break them down and lastly, we give a critical analysis about that! So, literature gives us a chance to know why those stories and texts make sense and why they are still so popular today, how they are written, what is needed to write that kind of stories and texts, etc. Infact, studying literature and reading a few texts, helps us to relax our brain. If gives us an understanding of the way our culture and society is. Moreover, we also get to improve our language skills as well as personal skills.

Friend 2: Oh my God! That was amazing and interesting to know!

Friend 1: Absolutely. So, if I analyze the benefits of studying literature, I am definitely going ahead to pursue this new world of Literature! What about you?

Friend 2: Me too! I’m in for this thrilling experience!


  • ‘Literature opens doors’ means that the field of literature gives many options/opportunities/chances to think about various possibilities of a certain text, referring to this conversation.
  • ‘Break them down’ means to study a huge text or a paragraph by segregating into small paragraphs and focusing on each of them individually to get more understanding of the concept.

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