A light conversation on a picnic

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light conversation

A light conversation on a picnic

Overview: A light conversation and many conversations are bound to happen during picnics as they are the most enjoyable moments with family or friends or even relatives. People tend to have real conversations and fun at all times! This happens because people get very little time to actually communicate and have a real talk with their loved ones.

Let’s head on to a light conversation at the picnic!

Boy 1: Hey, come on let’s go grab a sandwich!

Boy 2: No, I’m not really hungry at the moment. 

Boy 1: Alright then, you can come and accompany me! Do you know that the shop also gives hot chocolate?

Boy 2: What? Hot chocolate? Are you serious?

Boy 1: Yes, it gives hot chocolate!

Boy 2: Ohh, wait wait! I’m coming right away!

Boy 1: And yes, after coming back, we’ll sit for a while and then we will go to the beach!

Boy 2: Yes, I was going to say the same. The weather is nice and cool and we will have hot chocolate now and we’ll go to the beach in the warm water! Ohh, I just feel so relaxed.

Boy 1: Now if you come along, only then can we come again and go to the beach, right?

Boy 2: Yes, right right! I’ll also have a sandwich now! Now that you are having a sandwich, even I want to have it now!

Boy 1: Okay okay..hahaha…we will be eating together and having hot chocolates too!

Boy 2: Are you planning to shop something from the street markets?

Boy 1: Not planned as such, but if I find something good then I’ll definitely buy that!

Boy 2: come on then, let’s go!

Boy 1: Yeah!


Eating: Eating can be used as an adjective, noun, or even a verb as adjectives are describing words, nouns are naming words and verbs are action words.

Hahaha: This word is not a real word but is an “Onomatopoeia” and is used as an explanation to express amusement, laughter, or sarcasm (at times).

Onomatopoeia” is a word from a sound that is associated with what is named. It is mostly used for literary effect.