A lovely conversation between a couple

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lovely conversation

A lovely conversation between a couple

Overview: Couples mostly have lovely conversations whenever they are on a date or they spend time together. These moments are to be cherished and have meaningful conversations. 

In a similar way, let us look at a lovely conversation between a couple!

Husband: Hey listen, now that our anniversary is just a few days after, why don’t we plan to go somewhere?

Wife: Do you really want to go out or do you want some quality time in the house!

Husband: Umm…that is a tough choice to make!

Wife: Why so?

Husband: I want both things!

Wife: Hahaha..that is not going to happen!

Husband: What do you have in mind?

Wife: Umm…I want to have some quality time with you in the house and we could cook dinner and have a cozy day all day!

Husband: I want to have the same too. I have planned something for you!

Wife: What’s that?

Husband: oh, I am not telling you!

Wife: Nice! I also have planned something!

Husband: What’s that?

Wife: Nice question! You will get the answer on our anniversary itself!

Husband: So, we are spending the day in the house!

Wife: Yes, I was thinking that we could buy some scented candles to make our living room cozier! And simultaneously we could buy something from the grocery store for the day!

Husband: Cool! Let’s go to the grocery store!

Wife: Yeah, come on! I’ll tell you the remaining details on the way!


  • House: The word ‘house’ is a common noun as it is a naming word. It will not be called as aproper noun as it does not talk about a specific person, place or a thing.
  • Conversation: The word ‘conversation’ is a noun as it talks about two people or a group of people having a formal or an informal talk.
  • Umm…: This word is used to fill a pause, to express dpubt or uncertainty. This word can perform the function of an interjection or even a verb.