A normal conversation between teachers at school

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normal conversation

A normal conversation between teachers at school

Overview: It is quite normal for teachers to have a short conversation after lectures. We all have been through such moments where we look at two teachers walking together and talking mostly about students and their class.

The below-mentioned normal conversation is also taken from this exact scene.

Teacher 1: How was the class?

Teacher 2: Oh, it was good..actually better than usual.

Teacher 1: That’s good. What happened today?

Teacher 2: The class was much quieter than normal. Hahaha

Teacher 1: I hope that the syllabus this year stays the same.

Teacher 2: I hope for the same. It’ll be very difficult for the students to understand the concepts if there is a change in the syllabus.

Teacher 1: Yeah, and for the current syllabus too, they are bombarded with tons of assignments and projects. Plus they have to prepare for the exams too.

Teacher 2: I know, they are too small to have to go through so much pressure.

Teacher 1: I feel that the syllabus should be reduced so that they get more time for extracurricular activities and not just bookish knowledge.

Teacher 2: It would be more fun to learn if they are given practical knowledge rather than just examining their memory for exams.

Teacher 1: My son is already tired of mugging answers. 

Teacher 2: This education process needs to be changed. They must focus more on the talent of students rather than just making them mug up the answers and forcefully pass the exams.

Teacher 1: I agree, and if they focus more on the talent that they have, it’ll be better for them in the future.

Teacher 2: Yeah, I understand. But for now, my class is here. I should go.

Teacher 1: Yeah, no problem. See you in the staffroom.
Teacher 2: Yeah, see you there.