A small talk between two boys about Cryptocurrency

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small talk

A small talk between two boys about Cryptocurrency

Usually, we tend to have small talks about various things. But, nowadays, the world is getting into Cryptocurrency and it has been a big talk these days.

Let us take a look into a small talk happening between two boys about the same,

Boy 1: Hey, do you think it is a good idea to put money in Cryptocurrency?

Boy 2: I don’t know, I haven’t researched much about it yet. But what I know is that it is better than getting gold and stuff like that.

Boy 1: Why so?

Boy 2: Because if you are purchasing gold of a certain amount, say for example 10,000, alright. So when you go to sell that gold again, there are high chances that the amount will depreciate a bit.

Boy 1: What is depreciation?

Boy 2: When you are selling a used item, the amount decreases a bit than the actual amount in which you had purchased it.

Boy 1: Oh, okay. I understand. So what is your point?

Boy 2: My point is that the benefits of crypto are much more than getting gold. If you sell gold, you get less money in return. But that’s not the case in crypto. In crypto, there are high chances that you might get more than the amount you had invested.

Boy 1: Oh, is it?

Boy 2: Yes, but it depends on which Cryptocurrency you are investing in. Nowadays there are a lot of options to invest in crypto but personally, Bitcoin is worth investing in.

Boy 1: But, we will have to go through the rules and regulations whether crypto is accepted as a legal tender in the country or not? And if yes, then what are the rules and such kinds of things.

Boy 2: So are you planning to invest? It is a good thing to invest, you get good returns.

Boy 1: Yes, I’ll have a talk with my dad and then I’ll decide.

Boy 2: Cool, let’s catch up in the evening.
Boy 1: Yeah, see you!