A snowy conversation about Christmas

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snowy conversation

A snowy conversation about Christmas

Overview: Snowy conversations happen mostly at the time of Christmas, at the joyous occasion of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed, it is a happy moment for everyone, the surroundings get lit up, people decorate their houses and Ohh, not to forget the beautiful Christmas tree lit up almost everywhere.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s not waste our time and head on to a chilly and snowy conversation about Christmas!

Woman 1: Hey, now that Christmas is around the corner, why don’t we decide and plan something epic?

Woman 2: Yes, I was thinking the same. It is the first Christmas of our kids too. Moreover, this year has been terrible due to the pandemic, so if we cannot go and celebrate outside, we should make it a blast at home itself!

Woman 1: I totally agree with what you are saying. If we celebrate at home, it will be giving us and the kids a very good and happy vibe. 

Woman 2: Since everyone in the house loves to eat, we can cook something delicious and totally homemade items. We could make plum cakes and lasagna and chicken curry and much more. We will see what the kids would want to eat.

Woman 1: Yes, and we will also have to look after the decoration of the house. So I was thinking why don’t we divide the work between both of us?

Woman 2: How are we going to do that?

Woman 1: I was thinking that you could take care of the cooking and I could take care of the decoration. And once we are done with the decoration, then I could give you a hand in the kitchen.

Woman 2: Sounds perfect. With this, we can surprise the kids also. We can go out to shop and bring gifts for the kids!

Woman 1: Perfect. So shall we head to the preparations?

Woman 2: Yes, let’s go! Grab on your coat too. It’s chilly outside!

Did you know?

Did you know what were the terms like ‘chilly’, ‘snowy’ were used in the conversation?

Christmas is an occasion where most places in the world witness snowfall and it is a beautiful experience to witness Christmas in snow and cold weather. Those terms were used while referring to the weather.